it’s looking like July 4th!


Tom Ford and his daughter Kennedy prepare their front yard anticipating the July 4th parade that goes down their East Sac street. The block party along 41st St. starts at 10am. Ford built a 400 sq. ft stage in front of his front porch which will host the band Q-Balls. Behind the red, white and blue post is a cantina which will serve drinks. Parade begins at 11am.


Ford’s neighbor Joe Riehl delivers the signs for Tom’s cantina. In the bed of the pickup is a ping-pong table for tournaments after the parade.

A taco eating contest will take place nearby. Riehl says he and Ford are the "unofficial" co-chairs of the parade.


                     East Sac’s 4th of July parade begins on 41st St., under this banner which is halfway between J and M Streets.


                                Neighbors across the street from Ford and Riehl prepare also by putting up canopies for food and drinks.

Photos | Kati Garner


For more July 4th events, please see Sonia Lucyga article:



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July 4, 2011 | 6:51 PM

I lived on 41st street in the 40″s and 50′s between Folsim Blvd. and M street. Was there when the parade was first organized. I wish I could remember the name of the family that started it. There were about 20 kids dressed up in costumes and we paraded to 43rd street and back.Then everyone went back for watermelon. Eventually it turned into a block party Each year it got bigger and better. I was thrilled to see that they still carried on the tradition .

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