98Rock’s Rob Williams To Fans: “We Have Failed You”

Amid a sleugh of advertiser withdrawals and facing heat from the LGBT community, Rob Williams, one-third of KRXQ’s “Rob, Arnie & Dawn” morning show, posted a statement on the show’s website that can be summed up in four words:  “We have failed you.”

“We presented our opinions on a very sensitive subject in a hateful, childish and crude fashion,” Williams wrote on his website, RobArnieAndDawn.com in a letter to listeners, “and then, given the chance to retract those remarks, we defended them.”

The response comes nearly two weeks following an on-air segment in which Williams and co-host Arnie States called members of the transgendered community “freaks,” “fruits” and describing them as having a “mental disorder” in which transgenders “bring attention to themselves.”

“God forbid if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes,” States quipped during the May 28th segment.

Since then, nine advertisers — Chipotle, Snapple, Sonic, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, Carl’s Jr., Nissan North America, AT&T and McDonald’s — announced through the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) that they were withdrawing support from KRXQ.  A tenth advertiser, Wells Fargo Bank, issued a statement saying they were not advertisers of KRXQ’s breakfast program and had no intention of advertising with the station in the future.

On June 3rd, Williams and States, along with co-host Dawn Rossi, addressed the May 28th segment following an outcry of opposition from listeners throughout the United States and as far away as the United Kingdom.  Williams and States appeared to defend their right to an opinion on the show and clarified that they, in no way, advocated violence toward children.

“They never meant to advocate any form of abuse,” station manager Jim Fox told The Sacramento Bee’s 21Q blog.

Williams went on to say in his statement posted on June 7th that no new “Rob, Arnie & Dawn” shows will air on KRXQ until Thursday, June 11th, at which time the breakfast show presenters will “say what needs to be said.”

“Apologizing in a written, posted statement is a form of cowardice,” Williams wrote.

The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show, which is owned and produced by Williams, airs weekday mornings on KRXQ 98.5 FM in Sacramento, known on-air as “98Rock,” and in syndication on KDOT 104.5 FM in Reno. The 12-year radio program has been no stranger to controversy in the past; in 2004, the show was fined $55,000 by the Federal Communications Counsel for “on-air indecency” following a complaint filed by James Peak.

  • Bob Smith

    This is a morning radio show that you are free to listen to or not. If you do not like it change the channel. If you are letting your children listen to the RAD show then that is the parents fault if they get their feelings heart. This show is for 18+ years of age. I do not always agree with Rob and he is very clear with his listeners, “if you do not like it change the channel”. I have changed the channel many times if I do not care to listen to a “segment”. I remember when they got into trouble for a SIDS joke Arnie made. This topic is near and dear to my heart but I realize the great country we live in and the rights they have as Americans. Get Over It. When someone or something is seen in the community that is not “normal” then people stare and start whispering to each other. At least RAD has the guts to express their opinions regardless of popularity. I would be willing to bet most of the losers in our society are jumping on the bandwagon that do not have jobs and is wishing for something bad to happen to this successful show. Losers do not like to see other people succeed.

    • Get Over It yourself, Bob. No one is saying that RAD aren’t allowed to express their own opinion; if they owned the station, I would fight hard for their right to keep their license. This isn’t about free speech: it’s about an audience forcing a business to take reponsibility for their actions. RAD are free to blather whatever they want on a street corner; it is up to their bosses to decides if they want their employees to run their mouth like this on the air.

      And, clearly, changing the channel is not the only option; as a listener, you can let the sponsors know that you won’t be buying their products if they sponsor a show in which a host is expressing his opinion that you don’t like. (This is also free speech.) Yes, RAD have a right to their opinions, but it cuts both ways: those who oppose them have a right to their opinions, and the station can make the choice that they feel is appropriate. If you or RAD don’t like it, you are free to start your own radio station.

    • I believe in kindness. If you can help another do so if you can not help them seek to do them no harm! The fact is I have seen the blogs! The Gay blog sites are not much better as far as the name calling! The blogs call Rob and Arnie”idiots” “freaks”and Arnie a “fat bastard” This is verbal abuse! From the same group that is so upset and outraged! I did not hear go out and beat transgender children.I did hear Arnie say he would not let his son wear high heels! And that if he did he may toss his shoe at him! He did not say beat him and he said it in a joking way! All I see is a bunch of hate and the story changes from site to site! I find the blogs to be offensive just as much as the show was to the transgender’s !So is it ok for them to get off track and call names or is it the same? What changes? Freedom of speech I see that some say it is our right if it don’t hurt some one! Well I see the (GLAAD) responds by harming others financially and trying to blacklist them. And name calling,Oh yes and the pre made up letters to the national companies to withdraw advertising contracts with KRXQ a bunch of bull,I did not just have lunch at your restraint! So now they ask us to lie ! To get the companies to withdraw! And the good list and bad list ! What is this for Santa? I don’t see that they care about the kids! I see a group that is out for blood ! And just want to make a example out of this show! NCAC aims to educate and mobilize the community against acts of censorship.

    • Look at policy makers that are threats to free expression,
      mobilizes them to take action to oppose censorship, and assist in those efforts,
      facilitates communications between local activists and national organizations,
      devises new educational, advocacy, and media strategies to create a more hospitable environment for free speech and artistic freedom.
      “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin

  • Bob Smith I agree with you COMPLETELY. This all falls under freedom of speech. Get a life people.!!!!

    • Matthew Keys

      I’d like to point out that the freedom of speech granted to us under the Constitution guarantees you that the Government will not interfere with your right to speak your opinions (or so it’s supposed to…dunno why we have an FCC regulatory board…). Your freedoms guaranteed under the US Constitution protect you from the American Government, not corporations, underground organizations or individuals.

      Freedom of speech does not extend to radio presenters who are granted the ability to voice their opinion by corporate sponsors. It also does not protect journalists from just saying whatever they feel like saying — hence why we have libel and slander laws.

      So when someone says “They’re exercising their freedom of speech!” this is only partially true. They’re exercising their right to say what they feel like saying without fear of being repressed by their government (…except the FCC). Anyone else is fair game — as we’ve seen from the way sponsors reacted when they pulled their advertisement.

    • YES Matthew all true but, why should a vocal minority decide what is and isn’t said.

    • Feel free to start your own counter-campaign. If the argument is compelling to the needs of the station’s business, you may win.

  • Special interest terrorism in action.

    • I agree. These pro-RAD clowns are out of control.

  • Tony Sheppard

    the radio show hosts are not exercising freedom of speech in a constitutional sense when they speak on a paid program and they are not being censored when a sponsor chooses to disassociate from them – it would be quite different if they were standing on a street corner and being arrested or fined for their opinion

    however the people commenting, whether for or against, ARE exercising their freedom of speech, as are the sponsors/advertisers who have pulled their support – it is hypocritical to claim that you are supportive of free speech and then criticize the criticism which is generally a better example of free speech than the original show content

    • Matthew Keys

      Who is criticizing the criticism of the show?

  • moral of the story


    no child deserved the hate spewed from this show, and Rob and Arnie should be fired, and the station makes an earnest apology..

  • Dale Kooyman

    As their 12 year history reveals, the show, like so many of that ilk nationwide, thrive on controversy especially when their statements are cruel, crude, ignorant and inflammatory as these were. But those traits seem to be second nature to many of those hosts.

    I agree if you don’t like them turn the dial, but their popularity is a sad commentary on our society as a whole.

    • yes it is and that the point of the show and bad news over happy music

  • The comments on this show were incredibly idiotic, misinformed and hate mongering in nature. Other gems from the RAD broadcast included “Allowing transgenders to exist, pretty soon it becomes normal to fall in love with the animals.” WTF? Sounds like Nazi propaganda…if Jews are allowed to exist then something terrible will happen to our society…therefore Jews must be exterminated. What sewage. The only objective of this hate speech to instill irrational fear and bigotry against a specific group of people. What extra cowardice to direct this towards children to boot. Yes, I could just change the station. But being America, I can also donate to civil rights groups, petition, boycott sponsors and do whatever else I choose to do that’s within the law. Sorry all of you admirers of this hate speech but freedom speech cuts both ways.

  • Support Rob and Arnie and contact the advertisers; don’t let the vocal minority run this country.
    all of the sponsors emails can be found here
    ironically any clicking on Google the advertisers of this web page take money from the people that dropped support of RAD and gives it to webmaster so click away.

    • Matthew Keys

      Ironically, what you just described in your last paragraph of your comment is considered click-fraud and is subject to termination of said person’s Google AdSense account under Google’s Terms of Service…

    • FAT CHANCE eleven National Sponsors who left in disgust, from a show which has now ADMITTED they were cruel and hateful, are going to buy ads again.
      btw unofficially Guitar Center has joined the Boycott….according to a GLAAD update.

  • While I usually love the show….they went too far this time! Rob and Arnie usually say and do whatever suits them and its about time they got what they deserved. Their remarks were hateful and ignorant. I am all for freedom of speech and I too have changed the channel when I didn’t like what was being said but this was more than that and they know it. Now that they are being chastized for it they want to back peddle and say they are sorry….if all of this hadn’t happened and you called the show, Rob would have simply blasted you, made fun of you for calling and then hung up on you. Like I said I’m all for freedom of speech but there is a time and place for that and sometimes its just better to keep your mouth shut.

  • Adam Jeske

    Dang this makes me even more mad about the fact that KWOD is no longer in the air because 98 rock is a terrible station that plays mostly bad music and bad moring shows. BRING BACK KWOD AND ADAM COROLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Honestly I am just kind of over the whole “shock value” of any of these radio shows. I live in the East Bay (about an hour from Sacramento), and have been a listener of the Mancow show when it was here, then the Doghouse, Stern, etc. Once the Doghouse was canned in 2003, there was absolutely nothing in the SF area to listen to. I tried the Sarah and Vinnie show, but he went nuts and left, and No Name was a horrible side kick. Then I stumbled onto RAD. I have listened to them since 2003, and there are times I agree and disagree with one or all the members of the show. Now I understand that I am of competent mind and age that if there is something that I do not like I will turn it off or down, or walk away and do something else and come back later. That is the same that I would do if I was watching news sources reagrding a news story. I have absolutely no issue with any trans gender gay/lesbian people. I have no issue with same sex marriage. I voted no on prop 8 myself. But it seems that there as usual is always this double standard regarding certain issues in America. We pride ourselves on free speech this free speech that, but as soon as someone says something that you (not anyoe in particular) do not like or agree with then that’s it, you want them pulled off the air, fired, and made an example of.

    I don’t know, just you know, it seems like it’s the well if I can’t have it noone can attitude with these situations.

    Well I might have more to comment on later. I am still reading different articles, and forums regarding this situation. Plus I’m sure that someone will want to attack me for something I said.


  • That talk sounds like hysteria & intolerance, to me Jim. Why so frightened of gay lifestyles? You uncertain-of-your-own-sexuality anti-gay types are embarrassing yourselves. You crack me up.

    • The Parrhesiac

      Hmm reaching deep for that response…the oldest one in the book…”maybe you’re afraid that you’rrgay” sooo typical and so boring.

      I am not anti gay at all…how do you know I’m not gay? HMMM? I could care less what they do. The problem is, they care far too much about people having the freedom to say or speak as they see fit…talk about intolerance!

  • Bob Smith……I couldn’t have said it better myself. People need to quit being so damn sensitive! Get over it and move on. Spend that energy on helping those you are so passionate about defending instead of trying to cause more drama in the world. Geez!

  • Just to give a little bit of context to this discussion, here is a link to the 2008 Transgender Day of Remembrance website: http://www.transgenderdor.org/?page_id=58 . There is still little information about the death of Ruby Molina, whose body was found floating in the American River. Anyone who knew the victim, the victim’s recent whereabouts, or who has other information about this case is asked to contact the Sacramento Police Department at (916) 443-HELP. A $1,000 reward is currently being offered.

  • Whatever happened to sticks & stones. People are too sensitive. If you have a large organization such as the GLAAD, then their community can afford to take a couple of verbally abusive hits. If you are upset with the RA&D show, changing the radio station is a simple remedy. I don’t think the transgender community needs defending. They have the GLAAD to work with them. They are the indifferent. We are the American society who based a portion of the country’s foundation on freedom of speech. If the RA&D show really did offend the GLAAD, then push a campaign against the RA&D show to proclaim a slogan which would discredit their opinions. But, you shouldn’t be forced to pay MONEY to a party who claims they are emotionally hurt by words, especially if no specific person was attacked. This would have blown over quickly if the GLAAD didn’t parade thier complaints around. Its not like the community who agree with RA&D are going to change thier opinions because the GLAAD is complaining.

  • Glad to know that child abuse is considered ‘free speech’ within the boundaries of Sacramento county. My shoes are coming off tonight! and i’ll have most of you to back me up.

  • GLAAD update
    Autumn Sandeen a transgender journalist from Pam’s House Blend may be on Thursday’s show…she deserves it, Michael Rowe from Huffington Post has done a great job on this story.
    The station made NO APOLOGY and made NO mention if Rob, Arnie,and dawn show is staying or going.
    THIS was insulting in my opinion, and I will be DOUBLING my efforts writing the remaining sponsors of the HATE SHOW to boycott
    GLAAD confirmed the eleventh sponsor Guitar Center has dropped their ads from KRXQ…bravo!

  • The Parrhesiac

    Great now Sac Press is back to censoring posts once again.

    That’s what liberals do when they don’t like your free speech…they shut you up

    • Ben Ilfeld

      I do appreciate your comments and your viewpoint. I also appreciate your thoughtful articles.

      I took down posts where you used inappropriate language.

    • Tony Sheppard

      “That’s what liberals do when they don’t like your free speech…they shut you up”

      jim: your speech isn’t “free” when it’s on somebody else’s privately owned and operated website, any more than it would be on somebody else’s privately owned and operated radio station

      similarly, if you start saying something in somebody else’s living room that they don’t like and they ask you to leave their house, they haven’t censored you or limited your “free speech” – they have more accurately exercised their own freedom of speech and association by not choosing to support/facilitate the things you happen to be saying

      if you want free speech, stand on a street corner or start your own website or radio station

    • Ben Ilfeld

      I hope we all can refocus the debate on the issues raised in the storyline.

      If you have questions about our policies or enforcement please direct questions to support@sacramentopress.com .

  • I can’t imagine the room temperature IQ this RAD show could have had as listners.
    Seriously demeaning women saying you’ll rape them in the rear, while flushing the toilet your force their head into. speaking of tiny girl’s Halloween costumes as pink tacos, advertising Arnie’s Christmas gifts with t-shirts unprintable, but one showed a dog mounting a woman.
    So this heinous bit about abusing a kid is just the LAST STRAW.

    btw…did no one notice Rob’s webpages on etiquette, recipes, and how to dress, seems he’s three sequins MY side of metrosexual…IMO

  • I watched a particularly RACIST video of these human refuse with Rob impersonating a Black caller TYRONE. They’d need five more years in school before this would rank as sophmoric, and every,,,,I mean EVERY stereotype of Blacks was spewed in about a 5 minute bit..

  • While I think what the DJ said on the radio was wrong and went too far, I think it’s sad that a group that is supposed to stop hate (GLAAD) responds by harming others financially and trying to blacklist them. It’s not just the radio show they’re hurting – it’s the jobs of the staff from everyone on the station that had no part of that show. Why not call for the resignation of the shock-jocks instead? Shouldn’t the viewers have a say by stop listening instead of someone dictating this for them?

    No one wins in this situation…

  • Just reading this entire thread has me blown away…..Just because someone says HE would throw a show at HIS kid doesn’t mean he’s telling everyone to do that, or condoning child abuse. Have half of you ever even listened to the show or are you just basing your comments on excerpts and hearsay? Granted Arnie isn’t as smart as some of us, and him coming from the upbrining he had, he tends to have what some would deem racist views or biggotry. One thing that WAS said by Arnie a few days ago I totally agreed with, and that he’s sorry he doesn’t want to be politically correct anymore. You have to cater to everyone and be careful what you say about everything, or people get butt hurt. We’re going to raise our kids to be pussies because they all have to have trophies in sports, or we don’t keep score. I have nothing against transgender or gay/bisexual people. The same people that say you can have your freedom of speech are the same people that say you CANT have it if it hurts their feelings. Sad…..

    • Free speech in the workplace? Arnie works for a business. His behavior has offended his business’s clientele. He can either back off or beat it. This would be standard practice in any workplace. How is this a free speech issue? Let him hang out in any trailer park in town and run his mouth as he sees fit. No one would care.

    • Say what ever your twisted mind cranks out…..about an ADULT.
      There is ZERO defense for spewing your abuse at a little kid….ANYONE’S KID.
      This should be a BASIC baseline of community standards, it is INEXCUSABLE, and should be a third rail which kills an on line personalities career, and has a backlash on the advertisers second to NONE.

    • I’ve been a fan of this show for years and like Rob ALWAYS said if you listen long enough you will be offended by something. GET OVER IT…when I heard Arnie spouting off about throwing a shoe at his kid it went in one ear and out the other. That my friends is because I am an adult and capable of forming my own opinions about people in society. You have to be completely lacking your own voice to walk around taking on the opinions or comments of others. Grow up people it’s an entertainment show…that’s it. Why are we giving these three people so much power!!!

  • Rob Arney and Don say it how it is and don’t sugar coat our society for something it’s not. There are too many people out there with chips on their shoulders, that look for a scape-goat to blame for their inconsistencies and thier low self-esteem.It’s a sad tale when the government has to step in and protect the weak from the people with balls that can itelligently articulate their opinions in a non-violent manner to the public.These homosexuals need to get a life/job so they won’t come off as being truculent and pugnacious because that’s where true hate has the propensity to breed into a recipe for hate and disdain. Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise or abridging the freedom of speech or the speech of the press….The Communist Manifesto represents a misguided plilosophy, which teaches the citizens to give up their rights for the sake of the common good, but it always ends in a police state.This is what I call a case of preventive justice. Politics and control are taking over liberties and freedom, It’s unconstitution and it’s creating a stain in our constitution, something needs to be done, because this is hypocrisy.Furthermore, I don’t believe they owe an opology that would deprecate their standing and true importance of thier work in any way….Thanks Rob. Arney, and Don, stay strong, you have our support! looks like I’ll be changing banks and my phone company tomorrow in support* -Daily

    • Display your “balls” and courage with an ADULT opponent,….MAN UP …cupcake.
      Attacking children doesn’t make you cool, or edgy…it makes you DISGUSTING, and COWARDLY.

  • Read the constitution people! A little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.

    • You are babbling. No one in government is telling these clowns to be quiet. These guys can say anything they want anywhere they want, but their employer is free to lean on them if they are offending their customers and/or hurting business. If they don’t like it, they can start their own radio station. Is this so hard to understand?

    • The constitution doesn’t guarantee anyone a radio show, access to public airwaves, or National advertisers.
      ELEVEN of those MAJOR corporations expressed their views…they WALKED.
      I’ll buy RAD a megaphone and a soap box and they can spew 24/7 on any corner in America.

  • Hey Rob, Arney and Don….realist14 has got your back! No need to change course because anyone who can distil low self esteem; the articulation of opinions in a non-violent manner; the need for homosexuals to get at life and or job; the 1st Amendment; the Communist Manifesto and general paranoia into a semi-coherent rant would be anyone’s dream audience. Stay true, O Captains of Freedom!

    • @TomRunge

      Honey, this was SO popular when said with a white hood on…..in the 1940’s
      I’ve seen the racist Tyrone character Rob performs…David Duke must get tickled pinker.
      The boys who hide under sheets used to use a string of slurs, as ONE WORD
      “Commie-Jew-N*gger-F*ggot”…and these chuckle heads seem to be playing to the SAME audience.

  • When thugs, even government sanctioned thugs have used their powers against innocent children America has again and again risen above this, and said NO.
    Whether it was Black children they used firehouses and police dogs to attack, or blowing up churches killing little girls, or Japanese second and third generations thrown in Concentraion CAMPS, or “Protectors of children” from online predators caught harrassing Congressional pages, or alter boys or Boy Scouts raped by those the family TRUSTED, or the venom hurled at Ryan White when he was banned from schools, and his parents got death threats, or villages of children burnt with Napalm, or White Phosphorous, or ground water or lead paint toys poisoning kids.
    WE DRAW A LINE…you DONT CROSS, and America changes.

  • The only way this (the statement from Williams) reads to me is that he is caving to the pressure of losing advertisers and is taking the necessary steps to save his company and his show. This is not a win for anyone, those that support Rob, Arnie and Dawn lose because they have to face the harsh reality that the show went further than it should have and the world is a different place than they want to believe it is. Where as those that support the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender movement are losing because the show will more than likely stay on the air, and they are losing the support of people they may need. Granted in your anger you may not see why you would need or want people that love the show to be on your side, however in a fight to change hearts and minds you need all of the people not just some of them.

    Tactics like this(advertising attacks) only serve to harden the hearts of people that might have otherwise come to your side one day. I truly feel that GLAAD has damaged their own cause in the eyes of many “straight” people that would have supported them. To a point Prop 8 had the same effect, many people branded Prop 8 as against or outside of the “will of the people” wrongly. However this mind set was not countered and I feel (anecdotally) that a good portion of our state voted for prop 8 because of this reason. It gave people an excuse, “I don’t hate gay people, I just don’t think they are doing it the right way”. Sound like a similar argument?

    Lastly I would like to say that while this is a heated subject many people on various different forums have been very aggressive in their support or condemnation of the show. You do understand that it’s not helping either cause? It’s just more of the same turn off that the tactic of bullying advertisers is.

    Is it that hard to argue a subject passionately without resorting to rhetoric and mud slinging?

    • Acting as if these RAD listening clods are just gay-friendly folks who might have supported our causes..doesn’t pass the SMELL TEST.
      Advertisers are perfectly capable of making a decision based on what is best for their company’s brand, and where they make the most sales, no one bullies them.
      Attacking little kids was what caused rob, and Arnie’s downfall. They need to OWN IT, so does the station who airs their garbage.

  • I believe in the right to speak your opinion. I wish there was not the option to change genders.
    This gay/ transgender thing is out of control, I say be what you were born to be, love who your heart loves, and keep your love life personal. Allow a joint union between same sex but keep marriage between a man and a woman.
    Shame to me that the RAD group must apologize, I imagine the majority of human life feels the same and are appalled by the things people do to be different.
    The advertisers that pulled off the show should be boycotted for crumbling to the extremists.

    • Yeah that’s the way to play this…don’t apologise for spewing HATE at children…that’ll get ya those sponsors right back….Sparky.

  • Mark…
    Companies are very capable of placing their Ad dollars in the right place I agree, however taking your Ad dollars from the #1 rated radio show (by a wide margin) is not smart business. It can also not be truthfully said that these companies would have pulled their Ad money had it not been for pressure from GLAAD. Do you really think that these companies employ people to scan the stations they advertise on to make sure that there is nothing offensive going on?
    My point isn’t whether or not either Rob or Arnie would have come around or not, or whether anyone else would for that matter. My point is that by going with the attack first approach you are automatically making that choice for them which is just as wrong as what they said.
    All of this still seems to me to be for naught as the show looks on track to survive this and the sponsors will come running back when this wind has blown enough on this subject…I have yet to be told what any of you intend to do when that happens.

    Boycotting the advertisers that left is also not the answer. These companies are also doing what they must to survive, no business wants bad press to this degree and though sad it is still a fact of life that this tactic can and will work. If you were to be successful in such a boycott the only thing you would accomplish is more un-employed people and a harder economy to live in.

    The only real answer is to educate all parties to be more adult and rational in their thought process and to be able to have a reasonable dialogue with people that do not agree with you.
    Two wrongs do not make a right, I am not absolving the Rob, Arnie and Dawn show of what they said, but I will not give a pass to the people that react just as badly without thinking and trying to solve the problem in a constructive way.

  • Suck it up buttercup, it all means nothing, get over your little pansy selfs! M29

    • Obvious troll is Obvious

  • @mark 209

    Lets be clear
    RAD went on the attack FIRST, and attacked CHILDREN.
    LGBTs and our allies COUNTER ATTACKED in reaction.
    btw. when you attack kids, you have no moral high ground to defend, and LGBTs can be as harsh as we want in retaliation.
    Clinton loved when some oaf took the first shot at him, because then he would be justified tearing into them, and no one thought him mean or out of line.

  • RAD is a morning radio show who have, in fact, insulted and offended multiple groups of people. Obviously the people upset by them are not long time listeners, or else they’d recognise that fact. I am a long time listener, and i completely support their right to their opinion. They shouldn’t have to apologise! (i, for one, will not be listening to the apology. Anyone else who supports them shouldn’t either. Let them know they have people behind them.) This country was supposed to have been built on the fact that a person is allowed to have free speech and not be forced to apologise for something they say, whether it offends people or not. If you are offended, you simply rant in your car and turn it to a different station. These guys should not be forced to make such an apology by doing the very thing that makes their radio station good. They’re not afraid to make controversial statements. They say what they think! Don’t we usually praise that? I believe we call it “spirit” and “originality”….”Fearlessness”….”Courageous”. And for the record, all three of them, Arnie especially, tend to exaggerate. He’d never promote child abuse. And besides, don’t you think you’re taking something a bit too seriously when you say “CHILD ABUSE!” when someone says they’d smack their child with a shoe? Now, think…..a radio show, someone known for his sarcastic humor, saying they’d hit their child with a shoe if he ever came into the house wearing heels….well, I’d take that as a joke. And why couldn’t he say he wouldn’t want a transgender son? That’s just like saying you don’t want your son marrying a homeless girl. You have certain expectations for them, yes? And certain things you just won’t approve of. It’s the same as if your child wanted to be a different religion…if you’re a strict Catholic or a strict Christian, you won’t allow them to practice Wiccan or Buddhism until they’ve turned 18 and are living outside of your home.
    I was a supporter of the G-L-T movements until this. They’ve gone way too far in taking something so minor and making it serious. Instead, they had to abuse their power and fight the wrong battle. Why couldn’t the people against this just suck it up and deal with the comment? Yet again, this country they live in is built on the right of free speech. Without it, we’d be nothing. And guess what? It’s being taken away. It’s not long before books that offend people are burned (read Fahrenheit 451…it has my arguement down perfectly) and people who have different opinions are imprisoned and killed. You don’t think so? Really, this is just the start.

    And to add, their employers know full well what RAD is like. They stated that to press, saying that this is normal RAD stuff. Those who oppose have their opinions, just like RAD does….but having an opinion does not mean you must make a dramatic protest and get someone to humiliate themselves. Being responsible for their “actions” means being responsible for an “ACTION” someone does. A statement means absolutely nothing unless it is a threat….which i heared nothing of.

  • Rob and Arnie did NOT attack children!! Arnie made one comment about what he’d do to his kid. The original conversation was just about transgender people and of course people take ONE comment and use it to make it look like these guys condone child abuse. These guys do a 29 hour marathon to raise money for the UCD childrens hospital. They raise tons of money doing that. They have children and their parents come into the studio and tell their stories so that people will donate their hard earned money heaven forbid they ever need UCD for their kids. They ran a feature for years called the Silent Epidemic, in which they brought to the forefront the fact that children get beat in homes across the country, and nobody does a damn thing about it. They collected coats for kids for years, and have always, ALWAYS been advocates AGAINST child abuse. Quit making something out of nothing people. If you want to be mad at them be mad because Arnie doesn’t like transgender people. Be mad because Rob has a friend that’s transgender, but didn’t tell anyone until people got upset because it really wasn’t their business. Be mad because Rob and Arnie are the only people in California radio that speak the truth, and don’t sugar coat. As for the radio station they broadcast on here in Sacramento….the station manager has backed them because he knows what everyone who listens to the show everyday knows….if they need to be sorry for anything it’s the fact they made a mistake and hit a soft spot, but they do NOT need to apologize for advocating child abuse because they did no such thing.

  • —Mark—

    I’m not sure if you’re so angry that you are not seeing what I am saying, purposefully trying to keep this argument on the wrong topic/trolling, or if I just am not articulating my responses to you clear enough.

    I will only give this one more shot. You’re style, and that of GLAADs, of combating this issue is not going to make matters better for you in the long run. You will only get an apology like the one you are getting from the show Thursday morning, a meaningless one . And on top of that you will push people that may have been middle of the road on issues you care about further away from you. It is a lose/lose proposition for everyone involved.

    For the record I never saw anything in the broadcast that pointed toward Arnie encouraging anyone to beat their children we will simply have to disagree on this point as well.

    Keep your pyrrhic victory if you must, there are far too many of them going around for my liking. I look forward to your response if any…

  • I hope they get fired. Not neccessarily for this incident, but just because they suck in general. I would love to be able to listen to a good rock station (playing actual rock music) in the morning instead all these retarded morning shows. These three are annoying idiots and nothing would make me happier than hearing that they got canned. If you must have a talk show on your station in the morning, go get Adam Carolla! He’s available. :-)

    • Adam Carolla is available because he’s terrible, and nobody listened to his show. His show was pulled without warning leaving stations to scramble to find something else. If you think they suck you don’t have to listen to them. I think a lot of the other morning shows suck, I choose not to listen, I don’t want them fired, that’s just silly. If you live in Sacramento and you want music in the morning, listen to 106.5, or 93.7 or 92.5…..there’s plenty out there.

  • Your champion of children’s charities not only LOST the US Davis Rob announced their commercials, they also are so DISGUSTED they don’t want their charity in ANY MANNER connected with these hate jocks.
    So i wouldn’t be confident this issue is going away for RAD, and i will boycott any advertiser of the show, until Rob and Arnie are FIRED.

  • Johnny and Mark 209

    Saying you’ll hit a kid with your shoe and call him idiot and freak = CHILD ABUSE

    Are you hard of hearing or is your wittle brainstem unable to process higher cognition.

  • btw at the KRXQ site none of the DJs webpages have re-appeared, and the station manger has an apology. Doesn’t sound like they know if they can keep these hate jocks.

  • Jim, I can’t believe that you have the scales of justice as your default picture and then turn around and make such an ignorant comment….you clearly are confused!

  • First SPARKY this has NOTHING to do with marriage equality.
    if these clods had gone after ANY KID, my reaction would have been identical.

  • If some moronic hate jock spews garbage at adult gays, lesbians, transgeder people, bisexuals, I would have also IGNORED them, I wouldn’t have liked it, but adults can COPE with this garbage. Little kids don’t have the coping skills to brush this stuff off, especially from a PARENT, they internalize it, and mistakenly believe they deserve it.
    So you want to vent your toxic waste at someone, MAN UP and say it to an ADULT.


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