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Shrouded in a bit of secrecy, it was started late last night at about 10pm.  The guerrilla artists came in with little more than a flashlight, ladder and a can of blue spray paint.  I contemplated approaching the duo to see what they were up to, but instead allowed them to continue working as it appeared time was of the essence.  Rain was approaching and they appeared to be working very quickly.  I watched them for a few minutes before leaving them to their work. 

To my delight, I walked over this morning to discover the beautifully outlined beginnings of a large mural.

It appears to depict 4 figures total, 3 females and 1 male. One of the figure stands alone and appears to be spraying someone or something while the other three are closer to one another.

This is the positive change I hope to see in this neighborhood; Guerrilla Art, not gang tags.  Thank you!

To see the progress, visit OakParkNow for mural updates.