Help is on the way; The grand opening of the new Sacramento Bike Kitchen

Its party time come this Second Saturday. You see the Sacramento Bike Kitchen has a new center and we are throwing a grandopening party. The Bike Kitchen otherwise known as SBK is a nonprofit org(501(c)3) with the intention of keeping you on your bike and more importantly creating more advocates who create a more bike friendly community, one bike at a time.

Heres how it works. For a small fee you can have someone show YOU how to fix and maintain your bicycle. A sort of teach a man to fish philosophy. We survive on donations such as unused bikes and bike parts. Unused, tools, and bike stands are gladly accepted as well. 2 hats we are wearing is the recycler and educational center for all things cycling. We are made up of bike advocates who simply want to accelerate the bike boom in Sacramento. Less cars and more bikes will make Sacramento a happier place to be.

Safety classes, how to fix a flat, as well as how to adjust your brakes will be part of our tools in creating a better biking Sacramento. Your old parts will be recirculated into your community, creating affordable quality bikes on the streets which will intern create a demand for new bikes and so it goes. The only people that should fear us are the big box store owners who sell poorly made bikes that are not even fitted to the rider. (boy do we have stories)

Our new building is at 1915 I street, on the tracks between H and I The space is well, spacious with high ceilings. The exterior is Ivy covered industrial with a big roll up door.

So come to our grand opening this Second Saturday. Refreshments will be available. We only ask you to ride your bike and if you would like to, donate to the common good a bike that is just gathering dust . We will find someone who badly needs a good affordable mode of transport. Our help is yours.

See you at the party.

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January 4, 2009 | 4:44 PM

I plan on stopping at the Sacramento Bike Kitchen this Saturday. I need some instruction on maintaining my bike and It sounds like a good place to start. See you there.

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