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For the past three years that I have been living in Sacramento I have often discovered giant lemons all around the streets of Sac town. Friday afternoon a local of Sacramento had my answer to where they come from.

Just as I was leaving a Sac Press sticker near some giant lemons I came across on H and 13th, I saw a man watching me from nearby. We got to talking and I told him of my fascination with these mysterious giant lemons. 

He explained to me that they are a cross breed of lemons and grapefruits. I have actually cut one open before, and the inside is the size of a normal lemon but the rind is four inches thick.

Turns out that my now good friend Curtis, who was telling me all this information, actually had one of these trees growing in his back yard.  He gave me a short tour and was even kind enough to let me snap a quick photo of him.

Curtis cured my fascination and even provided me with a gift, my very own giant lemon. I decided when I got back to the office later that day that it would be my token of appreciation to Nicholas for allowing me to participate in this amazing company.

The story become even more exciting, when today my inbox contained a humorous email with the picture of the giant lemon – now possessing a personality.