sierra colors sacpress lead-1

See California: Sierra Fall Colors

Now that fall is here, the trees and bushes in the Northern Sierra mountains are showing their colors. Over the […]


San Francisco’s Treasure Island Music Festival Rocked the Boat!

Last weekend bay area natives and Sacramento fans like me flocked to San Francisco’s Treasure Island Music Festival. Similar to the […]

Great Gatsby

Sacramento Ballet Sizzles at 60 with Great Gatsby Season Opener

The Sacramento Ballet opened its 60th season Thursday with a reprise of co-artistic director Ron Cunningham’s ambitious “The Great Gatsby.” […]


Friday’s last Trash Film Orgy screening at the Crest Theatre

After 14 years of successfully entertaining late night movie goers, the locally produced Trash Film Orgy (TFO) film festival series […]

Brandon Belt Waits on Deck

July 1, 2014: Just Another Summer Night at Raley Field? Not Quite . . .

Brandon Belt, Andrew Susac and Travis Ishikawa: Three visiting players on a special night at Raley Field, batting 3-4-5 in […]